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What you do on your breaks is just as important for your productivity as what do you do while working. While on a break it is easy to ignore the buzzing timer and continue scrolling through Instagram. Popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok suck the productivity out of us. It makes our minds wander in a hundred different directions. Grabbing a quick snack, looking out of the window, or playing with your pet are all better options but they have their limitations. In my quest for productivity, I’ve compiled a list of websites that I like to frequent during my breaks.

1. Youtube

You might be familiar with this one. Youtube is a great option to keep your attention focused on one direction. But make sure to choose well beforehand what video you want to watch. Youtube has thousands of great channels serving great content. Some of the channels I like to frequent are Kurzgesagt, Sadguru, and Pursuit of Wonder. They all have short, succinct videos

2. Plays.org

Another useful and extremely fun way to spend your time is to play games. Like watching a video, choose well beforehand what game you would like to play. A website that I like to frequent for this is plays.org. They have a wide selection of categories ranging from simulation games, jigsaw puzzles, ninja to memory games. I particularly enjoy their Find the Pug game. It’s a fun game for those shorter 3 minutes breaks. It’s exactly as what it says in the title. One has to find the pug amidst the sea of cartoon dogs.

Note that the game has a timer. If you don’t find the pug in time, you lose the level.

The game also records how long it takes for you to identify the pug’s location.

Games such as this do not let your mind wander and keeps your mind focused while giving it a much-needed break. For my longer breaks, I like to play one of the survival games called Star Wars Rouge. It involves going on missions and killing the bad guys. Each of the heroes has a different power-up. These are useful for developing strategies to clear the large droves of enemy stormtroopers.

3. Huffington Post Good News

Another great website to visit if you are looking for something to make you smile is Huffington Post Good News. As you might have guessed, it houses the most wonderful news that is guaranteed to uplift your mood after a session of hard work.

4. The Last Psychiatrist

When I feel the need for a little pondering I like to read The Last Psychiatrist. This collection of blog posts on insightful topics by an anonymous author will pull your brain strings in all directions. His perspectives are unique and well thought out.

5. The Dodo

The Dodo serves up emotionally and visually compelling, highly sharable animal-related stories and videos to help make caring about animals a viral cause. If you like animals you will like this site. The stories from this site are guaranteed to give you hope and bring tears of joy.

Within their website are cool resources. They have an entire page dedicated to answering your weird pet questions. If you are thinking of adopting a new pet or already have one, they have a flood of guides to make your life and your pet easier. If you just want to watch some videos, they have a collection of shows such as faith restored, adoption diaries, and dodo heroes depending on if you want to laugh, cry or restore your faith in humanity.