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We often get stressed after working for long hours. The key to relieving stress at work is taking a 20 minutes break in every 2 hours. This helps to keep your mind more organized yielding more productivity. Here are the five best ways to overcome stress at work.

1. Drink a cup of coffee

Drinking a cup of coffee will help you stay focused for a longer time. It releases caffeine in the bloodstream that blocks the adenosine receptors preventing sleepiness. It also gives a little energy boost, time to socialize with your co-workers, and strength to overcome the stress at work. Take a cup of black coffee without sugar and milk to maintain the best health.

2.  Take a short meditation

Meditating for a few minutes during the stress will give rest to your eyes and time for your brain to organize the work and clear stress. It is so easy to get distracted for a whole day by stressful events at work. Meditation helps you to stay focused and avoid distractions. Meditating every day is a shortcut to achieving the best results at work. There are different techniques of meditation, meditation done by chanting specific Mantras for specified no. of time gives more concrete results. 

3. Play an online game

If you want to shift off from your stress at work, playing an online card game like Solitaire will help flush your brain. You can also keep track of the time you took to solve the game and know if your brain, as well as your luck, is getting better over time. Solitaire is not just a card game, but it’s a 300-year-old popular hobby that has taught people patience and improved brain speed. You may also play online games like Cross Word Puzzle or Candy Fiesta to refresh your brain. Playing online games is also an excellent way to socialize with your friends and family on any occasion.

4. Play your best music

Playing music can quickly shift your mood from stress to comfort. Be sure you put on earphones so that you don’t disturb others. You can also play musical instruments like guitar or piano. Music gets you from the real world into the imaginary world, this quickly powers down all the stress and you start feeling motivated. Music with natural sounds will give natural benefits to our brain and help us to stay more peaceful and stable at work.

5. Take a 45-minute power nap

If you are allowed to take a 45-minute power nap at work, then that’s the best way to relieve stress by doing nothing. Laying your head down on the office table can be a bit uncomfortable but it gets easy in a few days.  The power nap can be combined with a cup of coffee for the best result. You can be twice as productive as you are if you can discipline the power nap at work. It also gives your mind and body a much-needed break during stressful hours.